Grup Juridic


Marc Busquets i Oliu began his legal career in Barcelona in 1992. After a period of professional growth and training, in 1999 he decided to create the law firm of MB Advocats. In just a few months the firm made a reputation for itself among the most well established law offices in Barcelona with its large but specialised team of young professionals which made it possible to expand the areas of law it could work in and provide its clients with more complete and comprehensive services. Currently, the firm's professional staff provides legal assistance to businesses and the public in areas such as family law, labour law, criminal law, and others.

Bufete Vidal & Sánchez was founded in 1995 in Sabadell and, due to its degree of specialisation, its services are currently geared towards private individuals and small, medium and large companies. At present, Bufete Vidal & Sánchez is highly specialised in real estate, construction, business, inheritance and fiscal law.

As an outcome of its desire for professional growth in the first decade of the twenty first century, it began working with Bufete Vidal & Sánchez. In 2007, their collaboration culminated in the merger of both practices which greatly expanded their areas of influence and staff and now the firm has grown to having more than 15 professionals and 5 offices spread throughout Sabadell, Terrassa, Mataró, Badalona and Barcelona.

As a result, the services they provide are extremely competitive and have the added value that only a large legal practice can provide. The professionals on the Grupo Jurídico BVS staff are split into specialised departments so they can each focus entirely on their field and provide the best services possible for every kind of client.

Furthermore, the firm has an extensive network of external professionals that includes notaries, architects, doctors and forensic and expert detectives who are ready to provide any extra services that may be needed for different kinds of cases and clients.

With this structure we can meet the needs of individual clients, businesses and multinational corporations both in Spain and European countries where English is spoken.

Our corporate principle

Grupo Jurídico BVS makes an effort to show its solidarity with “not for profit” organisations by providing professional services and support to any group that might request it and, accordingly, we offer special conditions that facilitate finding solutions for all kinds of problems that may be presented.

In the words of the French writer Jean Giradoux: “There's no better way of exercising the imagination that studying law. No poet has interpreted nature as freely as lawyers interpret the truth.”

Professional staff

Marc Busquets Oliu
Barcelona Area Managing Partner

Xavi Vilà Campos
Lawyer - Partner

Francesc Vidal Sánchez
Lawyer - Partner

Jordi Vilanova i Felip

Julio A. Menchén Busta
Maresme Area Manager

Aleyda Prats López

José Fernández Simón

Mª Carme Petidier Escobar

Manuela Mazón Ibáñez

Joanna Jiménez García

Sònia Batlle Bermúdez

Solicitors in London

Dulce Polonio Ortega

Patricia Quiñones Santana

Olga Muñoz i Cuscullola
Extrajudicial Department